than the love of food



We love life and healthy food, both offered with exceptional value for money and a smile.


Passion is at the heart of our business. Continually moving with the trends and times leading in gastronomical innovation.


We are honest, ethical with cultural backgrounds to make our brand the best.


 To be our customers number 1 Mediterranean eatery in London making them return time after time.



Born in the heart of the Mediterranean, raised with strong morals and beliefs in the heart of a family closely knit by food an idea began.  

Eddie's idea lead him across the waters to the place he calls home, our home, South London.


His passion for healthy fresh food, combined with a life on the go has been the driving force in creating the Soho branch of Olives and Meze.


As a graduate from the University of East London, he has owned and developed a string of vibrant Mediterranean eateries and casual dining restaurants across London since 2013.

CHEF -Sulyman Kahraman

Our Michelin trained head chef boasts a huge repertoire of skills, taught by the best names in the industry, in world renowned establishments from Gordon Ramsey’s Maze Grill, Raymond Blanc’s Damion Club and accepted to the prestigious Hoxton Restaurant training for life program. His passion and knowledge of meats, fish and grill, only add a depth to his already exquisite flair of modern flavours and age old inspiration.

Boris Johnson Visits Training For Life To Meet The Trainees

(Suleyman Kahraman and Leon Seraphin) At The Hoxton Apprentice